Jardim dos Aloés

Jardim dos Aloes

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If you are looking for a place with a warm heart, then look no further because one of the most recent Bed and Breakfasts to open in Mozambique has excellent hospitality in a magical setting on the Ilha de Mozambique. Jardim dos Aloes offers guests garden views and its own restaurant for pure Portuguese cooking!

This tiny island off the coast of Nacala Province in Mozambique was once the capital of Portuguese East Africa and a major Portuguese trading post and important stopover on the Indian spice route for hundreds of years. Now a popular Mozambique holiday destination, only three kilometres long and 500 metres wide, the island boasts a fascinating blend of Indian, Portuguese, African and Arab cultures and architecture.

Welcome to this delightful B & B which has arisen from the ruins of one of the oldest buildings that has seen so much history since the days of Vasco da Gama and the Swahili Sultan, Mussa bin Bike. Owner, Bruno and his wife and son arrived on the island a few years ago to start their dream accommodation venue for tourists from far and wide.

Take a walk around the Jardim dos Aloes, meaning Garden of Aloes, and see the extraordinary aloes planted there – the local Massawana, the Vera and Ferox, the Arborescens and the Marlothy. And all the rooms have been named after these spectacular succulent plants which love dry areas. In addition, you can buy fresh aloe gel from Jardim dos Aloes, flower jams and drinks made from aloe pulp.

5 suites
Swimming pool
Private veranda


Historical & folkloric sightseeing
Traditional dhow sailing
Kayak exploring

Make your booking now and when you arrive, the magic of Jardim dos Aloes will embrace you and you won’t want to leave!

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Jardim dos Aloes a boutique bed & breakfast built out of ancient ruins on Ilha da Mozambique, a World Unesco Heritage site island. The name comes from the many varieties of aloes the owners nurture, which include the local Aloe Massawana, the imported Aloe Vera and Aloe Arborescens, Ferox, Marlothy.

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Third easy connection is via Maputo, with the national carrier for internal flights. You can get to Maputo via Johannesburg, Addis Ababa and Nairobi or directly from Lisbon. Adventurers come also with enormous motorbikes or by 4×4 cars from several places of Africa!

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