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Test your Mozambique Knowledge. Come take our fun quiz, and see how well you know Mozambique.

1. What is the Capital of Mozambique?

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2. Where is the Capital situated in the country?

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3. In which region of Africa is Mozambique?

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4. Mozambique borders how many other countries?

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5. What is the currency of Mozambique?

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6. The flag of Mozambique is notable because it has what on it?

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7. What is Mozambique's most important natural resource (apart from hydro-electric power)?

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8. Prior to independence Mozambique was a colony of which of these countries?

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9. The animal known as the "sea cow" lives off the coast of Mozambique. What is it also known as?

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10. What is approximate size of the country?

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Mozambique Visa Information

The Mozambique government has announced a 30-day tourist visa is now available at borders for all visitors. It has been officially gazetted that all tourists entering Mozambique will be able to obtain a tourist visa on arrival. The price of the visa is US$50 and is payable in cash.

The Mozambican government has doubled the cost of entry visas with immediate effect under a decree jointly signed by Economy and Finance Minister, Adriano Maleiane, and Interior Minister, Basilio Monteiro.

All single-entry visas applied for in foreign travellers’ countries of origin will be affected by the fee increases.

At the current exchange rate, the cost of single-entry visas valid for 30 days jumps from US$50 to US$102, while a visa valid for between 31 and 60 days will now cost US$203.

Visas valid for between 61 and 90 days now cost US$305.

Border visas – which can be obtained on entry to Mozambique by land, sea or air – remain unaffected,

Please see an abbreviated list of Mozambique entry borders Issuing 30-day Tourist Visas

  •  Maputo Airport
  • Vilanculous Airport
  • Inhambane Airport
  • Pemba Airport
  • Beira Airport
  • Tete Airport
  • Nampula Airport
  • Nacala Airport
  • Giriyondo Border (South Africa)
  • Ressano Garcia Border (South Africa)
  • Ponta do Ouro Border (South Africa)
  • Goba Border (Swaziland)
  • Namaacha Border (Swaziland)
  • Zobue Border (Malawi)
  • Milange Border (Malawi)
  • Mandimba Border (Malawi)
  • Machipanda Border (Zimbabwe)
  • Nyampanda Border (Zimbabwe)
  • Chicualacuala Border (Zimbabwe)
  • Chimefusa Border (Zambia)

This is an incredibly important step in restoring demand and confidence for tourists and travellers to Mozambique.

The gazette information is found here

Accommodation in Mozambique at Anantara

Travellers to Mozambique’s picturesque Bazaruto Archipelago fall in love with the sublime accommodation, with ocean and sea views. And Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort & Spa is one of your best hotels in this chain of islands off the coast of Vilankulo – serenely sitting on a white beach on Bazaruto Island, the largest island found here.

Space, chic decor, opulent facilities
Picture spacious Mozambique villas with king size beds, modern en suite bathrooms, tasteful island style decor and world facilities and you will be in paradise. Fall in love with suites made for relaxation, away from the main buzz of the island hotel. Step off your private veranda onto the white sand for early morning swims or beach walks. Stroll along the beach to one of the top class restaurants for all meals.

Anantara Bazaruto consists of 44 beach villas, sea view villas and sea view pool villas – including deluxe sea view pool villas and the amazing opulent Anantara Pool Villa. The two swimming pools at the main lodge offer respite from the heat if your villa does not have a plunge pool but the sea is the best place to swim, regardless, and you can dip into your fantastic outdoor shower thereafter.

Rustic design, exclusive interiors – made for relaxation

The accommodation at Mozambique’s Anantara Bazaruto Island Lodge & Spa has been carefully designed to blend into the natural surroundings, creating a sense of harmony and peace. Relax in elegant villas of reeds, soft thatch and wood as white mosquito nets drift around you in the breeze.

There are several accommodation packages on offer, really worth considering, depending on your season of travel – blend affordability with luxury! Most holiday packages to Anantara include all accommodation, all three meals, drinks, a short spa treatment, daily snorkelling trips to Neptune’s Nursery, non-motorised water sports and mini bars.

Fancy Pool Villa

Anantara Pool Villa is really worth a mention – five star accommodation in one of the best beach settings in the Archipelago. Enter via your private driveway and entrance and invite friends to join you in this two-bedroom magical villa. There is a large, relaxing lounge tastefully decorated in luxury linens, a plunge pool and Jacuzzi looking out to the blue Indian Ocean and a wide deck ideal for dining outside every day. Visit the hotel restaurants for nouvelle cuisine the Mozambique way!

Spend the days at Anantara swinging softly in your beach hammock while the waves splash nearby. The best part of this luxury beach hotel is the understated grandness of the accommodation, the thrill of being somewhere lavish where you can totally unwind.

Magical African island holidays in Mozambique

12 October 2016

There are islands in Mozambique so magical that they seem unreal. They appear out of nowhere when you are drifting along in your private charter plane, floating green isles fringed in white lace and dwarfed by the deep violet-turquoise Indian Ocean depths. African holidays on Mozambique islands are the ultimate in getting back to nature, finding a beautiful setting in which to unwind and appreciate your life again.

Medjumbe Tiny Paradise 

There is the tiny Medjumbe Island in the north where the remote Quirimbas Archipelago draws intrepid travellers to discover a destination lost in time and history. An island once part of the trading route where slaves and jewels changed hands. And now a holiday paradise for those who mean to get away from it all in style. Luxury villas right on the bay, nouvelle cuisine and sun-filled activities day in and day out. Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort and Spa is a beautiful place to lay your hat and leave your heart.

Bazaruto for Entertainment 

Sister lodge, Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort and Spa, spreads out on the largest island in the Bazaruto Archipelago, inviting holiday makers to use her in all kinds of ways. Book into an ocean view pool villa and soak up 360 degree views while cooling off in your private plunge pool. Play tennis, dine in 3 different restaurants, enjoy ocean cruises and scuba diving and dhow sailing into the sunset. This larger family resort entertains and relaxes you, in a setting to rival many beach settings in Africa.

Spa Sanctuary Treatments 

Both resorts offer state of the art spas where the ocean ebbs and flows – blends of chamomile, geranium and buchu from the African soil ensure natural healing properties to pamper even the most jaded city soul. Try the Swedish massages, milk baths, body brushes and wraps, reflexology and facials. Or go for the The Rhassoul Chamber, traditionally an Arabic venue for a steam and clay treatment, helping to detox the body and leave the skin smooth and refreshed.

Diving Adventures 

A private island holiday on Medjumbe Island includes exquisite dives into reefs that still remain unexplored. There may be 12 dive sites but many more are waiting to be discovered. Less experienced divers can explore the shallow reefs surround the island where some of the best soft and hard corals in the world can be viewed for hours on end. Lucky divers will see Groupers, Sweetlips, Pufferfish, Angelfish, Napoleon Wrasse and Triggerfish. Black and white tip reef sharks are very common and deeper dives will reveal tiger or bull sharks.

Yachting Bonanza

Another way to spend your magical African island holidays in Mozambique is to combine a luxury yacht experience with a few days at elegant resorts or lodges like Azura Benguerra Island Lodge, Anantara Bazaruto, &Beyond Benguerra Lodge and then Dugong Beach Lodge on the mainland at Vilanculos.  Try a 5 or 7-night yacht charter to explore the islands or opt for a combination of lodge and yacht, with 4 nights spent on board a luxury catamaran and 3 nights at any one of the island lodges in the Bazaruto Archipelago.

Mozambique Holiday Destination: Top 5 Choices

28 September 2016

Mozambique is a holiday destination of note where beaches, wildlife, scuba diving and great food ensure every tourist is happy. Explore the extensive coastline from Ponto do Ouro in the south to Pemba in the north, island hop in the stunning Bazaruto Archipelago and the remotely beautiful Quirimbas Archipelago. Dine on huge prawns, grilled lobster, soft fresh bread, tropical fruits, coconuts and cashew nuts. Check out our 5 top choices for your travel this season:

1. Sunny Inhambane 

Find it en route to Ponta da Barra peninsula and Tofo, home to magical beaches lined with tall coconut palms. Set off on an ocean cruise or deep sea dive to see the world’s most famous Manta ray or swim with huge Whale sharks.

Inhambane is a sleepy historic town featuring some great colonial architecture and some say it is one of the prettiest towns in Mozambique. Use it as a springboard to the coastal resorts around Tofo beach (some 30km due east, along a reasonably good road). Try a bit of canoeing and dhow trips are also a wonderful and relaxing activity for all those set on chilling. Do something typically local – visit the Mocucune Peninsula to chase a chicken for the grill and drink a local beer.

Stay at Pensao Pachica guest house on the bay of Inhambane with its quaint bayside restaurant, bar and pizza parlour. The Crab curry is a must! he recently refurbished Castelo do Mar Villa at Inhambane’s Linga Linga beach is a dream Mozambique holiday destination or business meeting place right on the beach. Enjoy deep sea fishing, deep sea diving, snorkelling, canoeing, relaxing in the stocked library, or having fun in the games room. Rates are inclusive of three meals a day and guests can enjoy exquisite food in the Portuguese restaurant.

2. Wilderness Wonders in Gorongosa National Park 

Explore this incredible 4,000 square kilometre Park at the southern end of the Great East African Rift Valley. The park includes the valley floor and parts of surrounding plateaus. Rivers originating on nearby 1862-meter Mount Gorongosa water the plain. Seasonal flooding and waterlogging of the valley creates a variety of distinct ecosystems and huge grasslands are dotted with patches of acacia trees, dry forests on sands and seasonally rain-filled pans and termite hill thickets. So Gorongosa at one time supported some of the densest wildlife populations in all of Africa before the war.

Now on the road to recovery thanks to many committed individuals and organisation, you can look out for lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, hippo, crocodile, zebra, sable, kudu, nyala, waterbuck, impala, bushbuck, reedbuck, oribi, Lichenstein’s hartebeest, warthog, bush pig, serval cat, civet, genet, chacma baboon and vervet monkey.

Book yourself onto the unique ‘Explore Gorongosa’ Private Safari ‘, a private ecotourism outfit which runs exclusive luxury walking safaris from a luxurious custom-designed tented camp. Find out more about the game around you. Or choose Chitengo Safari Camp which was reopened after the civil war and now offers 9 modern and comfortable double cabanas with en-suite toilets, air-conditioning, and thatch chairs.

3. History and Culture on Ilha de Mozambique 

This UNESCO World Heritage Site was once the capital of Mozambique before the move to Lourenco Marques (now Maputo). Explore what used to be a major base for the Arab traders since around the 8th century, long before the arrival of the Portuguese. It won’t take you long as this tiny island is only 3km long and very narrow. Connected by a concrete bridge to the mainland most of the 16 000 people live in bustling Macuti Town. Stone Town occupies the northern half of the island and boasts significant architecture and cultural traditions.

Be sure to visit the museum in the old Palácio dos Capitães-Generais and the Church of Nossa Senhora do Baluarte, almost certainly the oldest surviving European building in the southern hemisphere, dating back to 1522. If you’re feeling adventurous take a traditional dhow over to the mainland at Cabeciera where there is a beautiful lagoon or Carusca a popular restaurant and bar on a truly magnificent beach.

Stay at the famous Hotel Escondidinho in Stone town, a tastefully renovated double storey building with 10 rooms, swimming pool and restaurant. Or choose the Quitanda´s Terrace Guest House separated from the beach by a garden outside with 6 exotic individually decorated suites.

4. Delightful Diving in the Bazaruto Archipelago 

Some of the highlights of your beach break in Mozambique, when you holiday in the Bazaruto Archipelago, include excellent diving and snorkelling over clean coral reefs where dugongs, game fish and whale sharks swim. You will also swim for hours in the clear, warm sea, take hundreds of perfect photos of sunsets, beaches and traditional people doing traditional things, and you will indulge in delicious fresh seafood after a day spent in the sun with loved ones.

The Bazaruto Archipelago offers some of the best diving in the world so choose a lodge which offers top class diving and you will spend your days gasping at the underwater fantasy worlds that await you. Choose Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort & Spa on Bazaruto Island, the largest isle in the Archipelago, for spacious deluxe accommodation in a master and second bedroom, made for couple alone time or family fun time.

Or Benguerra Island’s Benguerra Lodge villas decorated with rich earthy colours and fabrics – complimenting their natural thatched roofs, deep copper baths and outside showers. This is luxury defined – plunge pools, stone walls and mosaic floors allow you to relax, yet feel totally pampered.

5. Beaches and Nightlife in Pretty Pemba 

Discover the world’s third-largest natural bay and also the most important centre in northern Mozambique with banks, patisseries, supermarkets and restaurants. Take time to explore the Slave Trade Fort at Ponta Romero Lighthouse, a great lookout point for incoming ships. It is worth visiting Nacole Baobab, an eco-friendly nature estate with 3 types of mangrove estuaries, bird watching, a secluded sunset beach fire with savanna bush.

Take a walk around Paquitequete, an old traditional fishing village where you can witness authentic building and repairing of the ancient Dhows, which are still active today. Pop into the Banguia Authentic Traditional Market selling everything and anything and you can see tailors sewing on the side of the road.

Stay at Pemba Beach Hotel, a large Arabian style open plan hotel with 60 sea-facing rooms including 2 suites and some interconnected rooms suited for families. There are also 8 two-story villas with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms each, and all the above amenities plus fully equipped kitchens and washing machines and dryers and electronic safes. The villas are serviced and accommodate a maximum of 6 guests.

For something new and luxurious, book into the elegant Diamonds Mequfi Beach Resort, 30 km south of Pemba in one of the most unspoilt corners of Mozambique. Stay in one of 40 deluxe rooms and 10 suites spread out over natural dunes with private terraces overlooking the ocean you are assured of a refreshing break.

3 Things You Must Try at Barra Beach Club

14 September 2016

Barra Beach Club
 is one of those holiday destinations that you are going to write home about. Or should we say, Tweet and Facebook home about! Because we know that you are going to love the delicate white private beach welcoming you into continually warm ocean waters. You are going to love the crimson sunset into the horizon every day from your private deck and you are going to love the choice of action-packed adventure activities on offer here. On the other hand, you have come to relax and that is our primary concern!

  1. Chilling in Style 

Rest and relaxation come first at Barra Beach Club so make time to hang loose at the sparkling swimming pool with its direct outlook onto the azure Indian Ocean. Plunge into the cold water at intervals while you chill on the deck with a cold beer. Order delicious fresh seafood from the restaurant as kayakers and stand up paddle boarders cruise past on flat turquoise seas. Later, head down to the Beach Bar for a sundowner and dip in these waters.

  1. Plush Accommodation 

Discover Barra Beach Club just outside Praia do Tofo, a popular surfing and diving destination where many pubs, restaurants and places to stay attract visitors from far and wide.  Your special choice of accommodation nestles in lush mangrove gardens and offer elegant facilities including double beds, hot baths, air-conditioning, tea and coffee and other great mod cons.

Experience the epitome of comfort and chic in 12 elegantly festooned rooms. Choose from 3 different room types designed to suit different budgets and preferences. Flat screen satellite TVs, air conditioning, coffee/tea station, mosquito nets, free wireless internet, safes and turndown service come standard with each room. 8 Deluxe Lodge Rooms with en-suite facilities and mangrove views or 3 Deluxe Ocean Villas with private gardens, outside showers, mini bars and easy beach access address all your holiday needs.

  1. Meet in Paradise, Marry on the Beach 

Whether you are here to meet with colleagues and brainstorm business strategies or to commit the rest of your life to your loved one, Barra Beach Club is a great choice for conferencing facilities and wedding ceremonies.

Book your corporate team building event, combining some of the wonderful ocean-related and beach activities for huge fun. Barra Beach Club can host smaller conferences for up to 10 delegates or offers larger company events the additional facilities of their luxurious 5-star sister hotel, Casa Do Capitao.

Experience your dream wedding on the beach and stay for a week to cement your love on honeymoon. You will be served with a smile when you book your lap of luxury in the form of the Presidential Suite which features an alfresco shower, lounge area, private garden as well as private beach access. The Suite is sublimely placed apart from the rest of the lodge, ideal for the discerning guests who wish to holiday in privacy.


A Gracious Place to Play

A place known for its world class accommodation and cuisine, Casa Rex is a must-experience holiday hotel in Vilanculos. When you see it for the first time, you will remember days of Portuguese colonialism and gracious long lunches. Now you can stay here, in renewed architecture, where lush green gardens welcome you to a wonderful beach and ocean paradise.

Incredible Island Views 

Sitting right on Vilanculos Bay, Casa Rex looks out towards the Bazaruto Archipelago in all its glory. Everything you do goes back to this view, this setting, and then you take a boat to see the islands and you are hooked forever. Use your charming suite as the best base from which to explore the town and region. You will love the custom hand carved furniture and the individual style dedicated to each villa.

Sol means Immaculate Amenities 

Sol Resorts calls this their flagship property thanks to its 16 years of immaculate service. Choose from15 sea facing rooms leading direct to the beach, breath-taking sea views and sea breezes to cool you down. Indulge in modern facilities including air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, and satellite TV. Relax beside the sparkling swimming pool as the sun sets on the horizon and plan your excursion by boat to see the islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago.

Delightful Dining & Special Deals 

Alfresco meals include the hot Portuguese flavours so famous in Mozambique and your seafood specialty will go down well with top South African wines.

Drive yourself  to Vilanculos and stay at Casa Rex for 4 nights, 5 days for a mere R6 405 per person. This special offer includes your bed in a Premium room as well as a delectable breakfast daily! While business men stop over to use the swish intimate conference facilities(LINK), the hotel retains its charm for individual holiday makers like you.

 Bucket List Fun 

Make Casa Rex your ideal stop over between the islands and the rest of Mozambique. That way, you get to meet lovely local people and try your hand at scuba diving, snorkelling, sailing, deep sea fishing, kite surfing and dolphin and whale watching. Add to your bucket list a spot of horse riding and a spa treatment or two and you will feel like a new person!

We can help you make this holiday in Vilanculos a reality. Mozambique is easily accessible so just hand over the dirty work to us and relax as your plans come together.

Value for Money at Vilanculos Beach Lodges

Mozambique is a huge country with a huge coastline and plenty of beaches, sunshine, ocean activities and great food. But where do you choose to stay for that holiday of a lifetime if you want it to be extra great? Where can you snorkel, dive, kite surf, enjoy a spa treatment, walk along deserted beaches and dine on mouth-watering cuisine all in one perfect destination? In Vilanculos of course! This magical seaside harbour and town offers a range of delightful beach lodges to suit your fancy…

Casa Rex – Stay 5 Nights, Pay for 4

Great value at Casa Rex for families and couples and just about anyone who loves Mozambique. Every little thing is catered for here and nothing is too much. The beauty of the place is magical and most activities are easily arranged for you, as is transport. Food is spectacular and the breakfast buffet a delicious must-eat. Casa Rex is indeed the perfect place to pamper yourself. Staff are friendly and helpful and very professional, making this easier to do.

Settle into a beautiful resort with stunning views of Indian Ocean from your private balcony. You will love taking walks on the Indian Ocean seashore, witnessing the local fishermen on their dhows. Adventure out to snorkel at the 2 Mile Reef and feel lost in time. Special Packages include a whale watching deal during October when you get to speed out to sea in speedboat to Humpback Highway. Stay in an Acacia room and enjoy real R & R.

Dare to be Different at Dona Ana

Hotel Dona Ana is a jewel amongst the rest of the hotels that you might pass on the short 10-minute journey from the Vilanculos Airport. Find it right on the beach with all classy rooms having easy access to the white sands.Tuck into tasty cuisine and settle beside the swimming pools for sundowners after days spent enjoying various water sports and beaches.

The hotel is named after Dona Ana, an enchantress who seduced Senhor Alves who then created the Mozambique Hotel to celebrate her resolute spirit and seductive character. Recently renovated, this beach venue showcases an art decor style-cum-African lifestyle, with Portuguese flair. Businessmen and families fall in love with Hotel Dona Ana, with its wireless internet access and office assets. Leaving this friendly destination is the hardest part of your holiday.


World Class Diving at Dugong Beach Lodge

It may have been said before but we still cannot believe what an amazing time you can have in this very special place. Dugong Beach Lodge  is set away from it all, making it the ideal place to relax and unwind. The scenery is stunning with typical Mozambique turquoise seas and endless white sands. You cannot go wrong with the friendly staff clean and spacious rooms and delightful setting. Wake up on the water’s edge to watch spectacular sun rises and everything in between.

Stay Pay Specials for R & R

Enjoy some amazing snorkelling on 2 Mile Reef where dolphins swim close by. Book a sundowner drive through the wildlife sanctuary and meet similar lovely people just like you. And now you can stay longer and get one night free at Dugong Beach Lodge – stay for 7 nights  in a luxury room and pay for only 6, all for only US$2 100 per person sharing. And you still get all meals, a bottle of wine in your room, a sundowner dhow cruise and a private dinner!

Bring the Family to Bahia Mar

Discover an amazing beach lodge in the beautiful Bahia Mar Boutique Hotel. You need to stay for at least a week to really appreciate the setting here in Mozambique’s spectacular Vilanculos. You will spend plenty of time in the restaurant where facilities out do themselves. The menu is never boring and affordable and many guests rave about the chicken pasta, the seafood and the fresh breads. Don’t miss breakfast as you have a choice of anything and everything on the breakfast menu.

Bahia Mar is the ideal choice for a family holiday in paradise so choose the family unit with its two double bedrooms on the first floor plus one pied-à-terre luxury self-catering unit with king-sized bed, TV lounge, fully equipped kitchenette, private barbecue, terrace with sunbeds and private splash pool. Stay for five lovely nights for only US$3,450 per family unit.

Book your Holiday Soonest

Honeymoon packages, family holidays and diving specials all start in Vilanculos, the gateway to the Bazaruto Archipelago. Meanwhile, local life has not changed for centuries – the fishermen still fish with nets at the edge of the sea and farmers still grow cashew nuts near their rural thatched villages. Book your holiday ticket to this amazing destination in Mozambique today.




Surreal serenity in Mozambique

There is such a thing as surreal serenity in Mozambique. This dreamy country is primarily a beach destination. But game reserves, the rich culture and fantastic fresh seafood come a close second.

If you love water sports, then you will come close to your epiphany when you come here to scuba dive, snorkel, sail, fish, kite surf and boat. In fact, we know that most of our clients will love the Bazaruto Archipelago as an island destination. For this is where the coral reefs and marine species are the main attractions.

And then you get a wonderful choice of luxurious villas on the shorelines offering accommodation for honeymoon couples, families and groups of friends. Yes, our clients do find surreal serenity in Mozambique when they use us!

Mozambique Travel Management (MTM) is a Mozambique Ground Handler. We offer:

  • a bespoke service to both the international and regional travel trade, catering for a wide range of travel including group travel, weddings and honeymoons, corporate and MICE travel, special interest travel, adventure safaris and FIT’s.
  • a reliable, efficient and cost effective service handling all of your clients Mozambique holiday requirements beyond expectations.
  • an all-encompassing Mozambique portfolio, and fully comprehensive range of ground handling services.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Mozambique holidayaccommodation,
  • Mozambique island resorts,
  • Mozambique hotels and lodges,
  • Indian island holidays, tours and packages.
  • A ground handling service for clients wanting to combine Mozambique with their African safari.

We like to update our special packages regularly to ensure that our clients do find the surreal serenity in Mozambique that they are seeking.

For example, this combo package for Flamingo Bay Water Lodge and Massinga Beach Lodge makes the best of two romantic worlds:



Day 1:Guests will fly from Johannesburg Airport to Inhambane Airport.  A Barra Resorts representative will be there to meet guests and transfer them by road (approx.. 30min) to the lodge.

 Day 1-3:Overnight at Flamingo Bay Water Lodge on a half board basis.

Day 4: After a leisurely breakfast guests will be transferred from Flamingo Bay Water Lodge by road and boat to Massinga Beach.

Day 4-7:Overnight at Massinga Beach on a full board basis.

Day 8: Guests will be transferred from Massinga Beach by boat and road back to Inhambane Airport for their connecting flight home.

What’s included?

  • Flamingo Bay: return transfers, accommodation in a water chalet, breakfast, dinner and daily transfers to the Barra Lodge activity centre.
  • Massinga Beach: return transfers, accommodation in a beach chalet, breakfast, lunch & dinner && 17% IVA.

What Activities are there?

Snorkeling, fishing, beach picnics, local town tours, scuba diving, ocean safaris, horse riding and quad biking.

  • Flamingo Bay Water Lodge, situated in the pristine tidal bay of Inhambane 485km north of Maputo, is situated on stilts on the crystal clear waters of the warm Indian Ocean. This eco-paradise is home to flocks of flamingos, tropical fish and great bird life.
  • Massinga Beach, located 80kms north of Inhambane, offers spectacular ocean views, five-star local cuisine and luxurious accommodation. 10 double en-suite freestanding units boast 180-degree ocean views, ideally nestled to ensure absolute privacy.


Oceanic playground

The coastal region of Mozambique is an oceanic playground where holidaymakers flock to exploit its myriad of thrilling activities. A wide range of fine hotels and resorts line its beaches, offering great facilities to these adventure seekers.

Home to a diverse aquatic species of animals and plants, this region is an underwater wonderland that always enchants divers and snorkelers to keep returning to explore its many treasures. The Bazaruto Archipelago as well as the Quirimbas Archipelagos are two island groups that lie offshore in the southern and far northern regions, respectively.

These gorgeous archipelagos have seen very few visitors and as a result, they have remained as pristine as they were, centuries ago. The sea surrounding these islands lies within protected areas, allowing for marine wildlife to proliferate. Fishermen enjoy productive deep sea fishing, particularly in the Bazaruto Archipelago, which has deservedly earned its reputation as the best Marlin fishing destination.

There is an extensive menu of thrilling water sports for day trippers to enjoy, and in areas around Ponta do Ouro, the great kitesurfing conditions have made them a favorite among surf riders. The Kusi and Kasi trade winds in the Quirimbas allow visitors to enjoy the thrills and spills of waterskiing and windsurfing, with all year round kitesurfing a possibility.

A boat trip out at sea on ocean safaris are always a highlight, with possible sightings of whales, dolphins and turtles. The Inhambane Coast is dubbed the Manta Coast for its massive population of giant Manta Rays. The Bazaruto will also delight tourists with Dugong sightings. This is the only location in Africa, where the greatest population of these endangered sea cows is found.

Why not arrange your holiday to Mozambique with the specialists for unbeatable rates on holiday accommodation? We know where you want to go and how best to get you there! Get in touch now!