Mozambique Holidays

Mozambique is blessed with a tropical climate and an ideal location on the Indian Ocean coast. These two aspects alone put this beautiful country on the map among the best places to visit for holidays. Add to the fact that it has a wealth of wondrous beach resorts, lodges and hotels, it can be said that Mozambique holidays promise many exciting opportunities while cosseted in luxury.

Browse through our holiday packages in Mozambique and you will be surprised at how much you can afford a holiday there. We have a comprehensive range of packages and specials to accommodate all types of budgets and styles, and access to all the finest hotels and beach resorts in the country. Whether you want to escape the hubbub of city life or you want to be in the thick of things in the city, our team of friendly consultants will help you find the perfect package at the right price.

Mozambique holidays can take you off the mainland to some of the most splendid islands on earth, the Quirimbas Archipelago and the Bazaruto Archipelago. Here, you will be enticed into a world of barefoot luxury in some of the finest Mozambique holiday accommodation. Because these islands are relatively unknown to the outside world, you can be sure to experience a more restful stay in tropical paradise with only a privileged few. Unlike the more popular, yet similarly priced destinations such as Mauritius and Zanzibar, the Quirimbas and Bazaruto do not have big hotels, which means no crowds!

Mozambique holidays are best enjoyed when you combine with a stay in one of the fine Maputo hotels in the capital. While there, make sure to visit the Maputo Elephant Park, where you will get a chance to encounter these gentle giants plus other wildlife species in their natural habitat. The Inhambane Coast, mecca for fishermen and divers is one place you should consider visiting. It offers quite a stunning selection of accommodation with excellent facilities. Other places worth visiting include Pemba, Ponta do Ouro and Vilanculos, Mozambique’s quaint coastal towns where family holidays and romantic breaks are magical. Ilha de Mozambique with its rich culture and history will definitely delight you with its many fascinating buildings and friendly locals. Who said there are no safaris in Mozambique? At Niassa Game Reserve and Gorongosa National Park, you are guaranteed explosive game viewing opportunities.

So stop waiting on the fence and book your holiday packages with the experts. Mozambique Travel Management is your one stop shop for Mozambique holiday! We have guaranteed low rates and offer exceptional service to all our clients. Give us a call today and our knowledgeable advisers will help you plan your holiday of a lifetime!