Oceanic playground

The coastal region of Mozambique is an oceanic playground where holidaymakers flock to exploit its myriad of thrilling activities. A wide range of fine hotels and resorts line its beaches, offering great facilities to these adventure seekers.

Home to a diverse aquatic species of animals and plants, this region is an underwater wonderland that always enchants divers and snorkelers to keep returning to explore its many treasures. The Bazaruto Archipelago as well as the Quirimbas Archipelagos are two island groups that lie offshore in the southern and far northern regions, respectively.

These gorgeous archipelagos have seen very few visitors and as a result, they have remained as pristine as they were, centuries ago. The sea surrounding these islands lies within protected areas, allowing for marine wildlife to proliferate. Fishermen enjoy productive deep sea fishing, particularly in the Bazaruto Archipelago, which has deservedly earned its reputation as the best Marlin fishing destination.

There is an extensive menu of thrilling water sports for day trippers to enjoy, and in areas around Ponta do Ouro, the great kitesurfing conditions have made them a favorite among surf riders. The Kusi and Kasi trade winds in the Quirimbas allow visitors to enjoy the thrills and spills of waterskiing and windsurfing, with all year round kitesurfing a possibility.

A boat trip out at sea on ocean safaris are always a highlight, with possible sightings of whales, dolphins and turtles. The Inhambane Coast is dubbed the Manta Coast for its massive population of giant Manta Rays. The Bazaruto will also delight tourists with Dugong sightings. This is the only location in Africa, where the greatest population of these endangered sea cows is found.

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