Quirimbas Archipelago

The Quirimbas consists of tropical islands which lie in the Indian Ocean off northeastern Mozambique. The area is remote and relatively untouched.

  • One of the most sought after holiday destination in Africa
  • Heralded as the new Seychelles
  • Just look at photographs of the region and be bowled over!
  • Unexplored beaches, coves and coral reefs – virtually unknown to the outside world


The Quirimbas Archipelago is situated along northern Mozambique within the Cabo Delgado Province. The Quirimbas Archipelago stretches for 100 kilometers along the Mozambique coast. The archipelago consists of about 27 islands, including Ibo, Matemo, Quilaluia, Quirimba, Quisiva and Rolas Island. The area has never been developed and remains an unexplored tourist paradise.

The natural and cultural value of the islands influenced the archipelago to be put on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List on August 20, 2008, in the Mixed (Cultural + Natural) Category.

The Quirimbas National Park
The Quirimbas National Park is the first in the world to be established at the request of an area’s inhabitants. The National Park was declared in June 2002, with the celebrations and official functions taking place on Ibo Island. The park and its unique location combines a Safari bush break with tropical island idyll.

Hectares Of Bush And Beach
The Quirimbas National Park comprises of the 11 southernmost islands, of the Quirimbas Archipelago, northern Mozambique. The park protects 750,639 hectares of coastal forest and mangroves, rich coral reefs and abundant marine life. On land the park is home to 4 of the Big 5 animals, also, isolated granitic mountains standing tall in the Quirimbas, are not only spectacularly beautiful, but have been identified as a center of plant endemism.

Packages that include this destination

Ibo Island Lodge Ibo Island Lodge is located on the prime waterfront site, overlooking the sunset and memorizing views and where romantic dhows sail out to sea on each high tide. Azura Quilalea the very beautiful and remote Quilálea Island covers just 34 hectares (86 acres) yet is easily seen from the air, situated deep in the Mozambique Channel.

Getting to Quirimbas Archipelago
A light aircraft or helicopter directly to the Quirimbas Island of your choice.


Flight information for Quirimbas Archipelago
The easiest route is to fly to Dar es Salaam, on Tanzania’s coast. Flights from London Heathrow depart on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evenings, arriving in Dar es Salaam the following morning.Then connections with Air Mozambique link through from Dar to Pemba, usually arriving there in the afternoon.Alternatively, you can fly to Pemba via Jo’burg. Flights from London to Jo’burg with British Airways and South African Airways depart every evening, and arrive in Jo’burg the following morning; SAA flights between Jo’burg and Pemba operate daily except for Monday and Thursday, arriving in Pemba around noon.
GPS coordinates for Quirimbas Archipelago
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