Visiting Unspoilt Benguerra Island

With its wonderful Indian Ocean coastline, amazing weather and a warm welcome Mozambique is one of the finest and most beautiful countries in Africa. Yet to be overrun by crowds as you will find in similarly priced resorts in Zanzibar or Mauritius, Mozambique is home to some truly special and unspoilt places, not least the wonderful and charming Benguerra Island. As experts in travel to the country, with 20 years of experience arranging packages to Mozambique, we are the people you need to talk to for the perfect holiday package, so you don’t need to shop around.

Azura Benguerra Island Lodge Plunge PoolBenguerra Island is the second largest of the islands that make up the Bazaruto Archipelago, a group of five islands of different sizes in the Indian Ocean. Easily reached by a short aircraft trip from the mainland, the island remains an unspoilt gem that is ripe to be explored, and offers a choice of stunning accommodation options – not least the wonderful Benguerra Lodge, the first of all to be built on the islands. With great facilities, superb beaches and wonderful places to visit there are plenty reasons why adults and children will both enjoy this peaceful yet exciting place.

For diving and snorkelling enthusiasts the island is a treat, as it offers excellent opportunities to explore the clear waters of the ocean and view the unique and exciting marine life that lives within. Swimming off the beaches is safe even for beginners while there are fine restaurants in some wonderfully romantic locations, and accommodation options range from the popular and comfortable to the exclusive and truly luxurious. You will be certain to enjoy the slow pace of life here, and as nobody knows Benguerra like we do we can get you the best deal.

Our expert team of travel consultants has firsthand experience of the finest resorts on Benguerra Island, and as we have such a great reputation among the resort owners we can save you money on your holiday. By booking with us you could pay as much as 15% less than the list price, and we are also experts in arranging packages that allow you to stay on the island and spend time exploring the mainland or other island. What are you waiting for? Get in touch now and we will call you back to arrange the holiday you have always dreamed of in this glorious place.