Whale watching expeditions in Mozambique

Whale watching expeditions in Mozambique are seasonal, and the best times to experience this phenomena is during the winter months between June and December each year when they migrate on their way to the south. The most common species to be seen are the Humpback Whales and the Southern Right Whales, when they migrate to cold waters in high latitudes to feed and then move on to warmer waters to mate and give birth.

Southern_right_whaleWhile Southern Right Whales are best sighted close to shore in the southern part of the Mozambique Channel during the months of June and December, between July and October the Humpback Whales showcase their acrobatic skills in the waters of the Bazaruto and Quirimbas Archipelagos. They can also be witnessed in the open waters of Mozambique between October and December.

There are plenty of hotspots for whale watching along the glorious coastline and wherever you choose to base yourself, you can be guaranteed some fantastic water sports and great facilities to boot. The Inhambane Coast, Inhaca and Pemba are among the most popular destinations for whale watching expeditions in Mozambique.

You can observe these giant aquatic creatures with their calves from the shores or at sea during boating trips and diving. Watch as Humpback whales frolic in the waters, breaching the surface and leaping high out of the water! Scuba divers are entertained with some unique sounds which can be heard for hundreds of kilometers. Whale watching combines effortlessly with dolphin watching, which is possible all year round. This is a wonderful alternative to diving as you can snorkel and get up close with the dolphins in their natural element. Other marine life you are likely to encounter during your ocean safari include whale sharks and turtles.

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