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AndBeyond Benguerra Island Honeymoon Package Deal

Mozambique Honeymoon at &Beyond Benguerra Island 2024


Escape to the captivating beauty of &Beyond Benguerra Island for an extraordinary honeymoon in 2024. Immerse yourself in the untamed charm of Mozambique's pristine beaches. Our highly rated honeymoon special package offers an unforgettable experience filled with romance, luxury, and adventure.

At &Beyond Benguerra Island, you'll find yourself surrounded by stunning azure waters, breathtaking sunsets, and unspoiled white sandy beaches. This hidden gem is the perfect setting for lovebirds seeking privacy and tranquility.

Indulge in a range of activities, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, or exploring the island's thriving marine life. Immerse yourself in the local culture with traditional dhow safaris, where you can sail along the coastline and witness the beauty of Mozambique's rich heritage.

Our honeymoon package includes luxurious accommodation in beachfront villas, offering unrivaled privacy and comfort. Enjoy wake-up calls to breathtaking ocean views and pamper yourself at the island's spa, where a range of rejuvenating treatments and massages await you.

Savor delectable cuisine inspired by local flavors and fresh seafood. Dine on the beach under the starlit sky, accompanied by the soothing sounds of the ocean.

Make your honeymoon truly unforgettable with an enchanting escape to &Beyond Benguerra Island in 2024. Allow us to create magical moments where love and adventure intertwine. Book your dream honeymoon now and embark on a romantic journey that will leave you with cherished memories that last a lifetime.

  • Luxurious beachfront villa accommodation for an intimate and private honeymoon experience.

  • Wake-up calls to breathtaking ocean views every morning.

  • Access to a range of exciting activities, including snorkeling and scuba diving.

  • Traditional dhow safaris to explore the coastline and immerse in the rich local culture.

  • Delicious dining experiences featuring local flavors and fresh seafood under the starlit sky.


per couple


Nights From

$9 445

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